Our Fleet & Equipment

In Doha, Qatar:
05 / 7 / 2020
Today's highest tides

As the company’s operations started in 1958, and to meet its obligations under the concession agreement, Milaha chartered a number of tugs and barges, which was followed in the same year by the purchase of 5 barges with total capacity of 550 Tons and 2 tugs. In the following year the company purchased five barges with total capacity of 1000 Tons, 2 tugs and 1 service boat. Over the following years the company’s fleet continued to grow in number, size and type of vessels including owning and operating geared bulk and brake bulk carriers.
With the transformation of global freight and shipping methods from brake bulk to containerized cargoes the company decided to adapt to that change and started a new building campaign focused on specialized container vessel while selling the aging vessels from the fleet.
Today Milaha owns and operates a fleet of modern specialized container vessels which is among the largest in the Arabian Gulf and provides daily services to Doha & Mesaieed Ports linking Qatar with the rest of the world.
The Company’s fleet today consists of 8 container vessels, 2 barges and similar number of tug boats all engaged in container feedering.  In 2009 the company added the first Dry Bulk Carrier to its fleet.