In Doha, Qatar:
05 / 7 / 2020
Today's highest tides
Doha Port is the only commercial port in the state of Qatar, handling most types of cargo (with the exception of liquid bulk). Milaha Port Services assumed operational and management control of Doha Port in February 2011, and has created a one-stop shop employing advanced technology and stream-lined procedures to improve the cargo clearance process, including Customs, Environmental and Health activities. A sophisticated short- and long-term berth planning system has also been implemented resulting in minimal waiting time, if at all, for vessels in the anchorage area.

The Jade Master Care Terminal Operating System” (TOS) has been implemented to upgrade operational input and status retrieval of data from manual to electronic, and improve efficiency at Doha Port. The Master Care system has also been integrated with the Qatar Custom’s single window internet platform. To further streamline operations and maximize the efficient utilisation of equipment and staff, Milaha has also implemented the Rostima Labour Management System (LMS). With this LMS in place, Milaha Port Services has been able to efficiently catalog and track comprehensive data records of all employees, including operational skillset and training requirements/schedules along with other necessary information for optimized personnel planning.

Milaha Port Services is committed to the increase of Doha Port’s annual container throughput capacity to a minimum of 750,000 TEUs through improved operational processes and yard strategy. We are continuing to invest in our dedicated and professional staff by providing comprehensive training programs at all levels. This includes an internal Qatarisation training module, as well as supervisory training and mentoring, equipment operator training and specialized labour training
  • Port Operations: 24 Hours/Day- 7 Days/Week (excluding official holidays)