In Doha, Qatar:
05 / 7 / 2020
Today's highest tides
To be a globally recognised player in the shipping and maritime services sector, building on our strong regional foothold in transportation and logistics.
To provide world-class maritime and logistics services to the full satisfaction of our customers in a safe, environmentally-friendly and reliable manner; to transform this into value for our shareholders; to develop our human capital as an employer of choice; and to act as a good corporate citizen.

What sets us apart: Teamwork, Values and Commitment
Our Customers
We believe our growth and profitability depends on that of our customers. This long-term commitment to achieving your business objectives is borne out by our long-standing relationships with some of the most successful firms in the oil, gas, petrochem and shipping sectors.
Milaha understands that integrated, end-to-end solutions are crucial to your success – simplifying your day-to-day supply chain demands and allowing you to unlock more commercial opportunities. So we work hand-in-hand with you and our partners, pooling our collective experience to mobilise your business.
Within Milaha, we have a world-class team working together for the common good of our stakeholders and customers. However, we believe that our team extends further, including globally renowned partners who are vital to our ability to offer a comprehensive range of efficiently synchronised services.
Our values are as integrated as our services, underpinning the activities of every department, every service and every individual across the company.
Integrity: We believe in doing business the way it should be done – being honest, open and straightforward, and never over promising. By always delivering on our promises, we develop relationships built on mutual trust.
Responsibility: We understand that we don’t do business in isolation, but within a global society and environment. That’s why we act mindfully of our impact, not just delivering economic value but adding value to everyone and everything that we affect.
Excellence: We believe in always striving to be the best at what we do. It’s a daily challenge that we embark on, actively seeking ways to innovate and do things better than others.
Partnership: We are team players working together for the common good of our stakeholders. That’s why we believe in being inclusive, supportive, sharing ideas and being open to the opinions of others.
Customer focus: We believe that our success is dependent on our client’s success. That’s why we listen to our clients, thoroughly understand their needs, proactively seek solutions, and always deliver more than they expect.
Commitment to employees: We believe our people are our greatest asset and imperative to Milaha becoming a more competitive and service-oriented brand. That’s why we create environments that help staff to develop their skills and maximise their career potential.
Respect: We believe in treating others as we wish to be treated, promoting a culture of open dialogue, tolerance and selflessness. We are proud of our achievements but never boastful, and we are always welcoming and appreciative of people’s opinions.