In Doha, Qatar:
12 / 11 / 2019
Partly Sunny
Today's highest tides

 The Milaha Shipyard started operations in 1978 and today has become one of the GCC leading
 shipyard with more than 7,000 ships repaired, a total facility of 150,000 sqm and strategically located close to the new
 Hamad Port.

 The Shipyard offers Dry Docking, Maintenance and Afloat Repairs capabilities to several kind of ships ranging from
 Offshore, Shipping lines, Navy and Yachts through its two Floating Docks and the Synchrolift up to 10,000 tons and 150m
 LOA capacity and 8 dry berths up to 50m LOA.

 In addition to the Marine business, the Shipyard has diversified its actives into Onshore maintenance and Shutdown
 projects by utilizing its specialized skilled frontline and the large workshops facilities.